Yaw issues during VTOL transition

The VTOL is in quadplane. In flight after transition from quadplane to cruising, during cruising. The VTOL always is fly in right yaw. Version: Arduplane 4.5.1. The VTOL is in pusher config. While flying in QLOITER mode it is very stable but, while cruising the yaw happens always even after calibration. The FC is 2.4.8. Couldn’t understand , why is the yaw during cruising only happens again and again.
The Log file, mission planner screen recording during flight and flight video is shared via Link.(Note: in video, sometime because of cross wind the vtol is becomes vertical and it is not an issue.)

check here

After looking your video, it appears that there might be an issue with the CG placement. Have you done the Fixed Wing Autotune?
Before flying in to the fixed wing mode make sure that you have enabled the SERVO_AUTO_TRIM parameter.


CG is perfect, will enable and proceed with SERVO_AUTO_TRIM param.