Yaw Issues During Transition

Included is a link below to a log from the latest flight of my quadplane. I appear to be having some sort of a yaw issue during the transition from Qhover to FBWA there is noticeable yaw movement which can been seen on the log as 4 decreasing peeks in ATT YAW. My question is how can this be stopped and should I also be concerned about the 4 large peeks when in horizontal flight .

David Ardis

Hi David,

Were you facing into the wind during the transition? Also, was the wind swirling at times? Do you have the weathervaning feature enabled? Did the transition to FBWA look ok in the air?

One of the differences between flying a copter and a quadplane is the large wing surface that can easily be moved by a breeze. Smaller, lighter planes can be pushed around until they start flying.



Thanks for the reply
I was facing into wind and the wind was constant, Weathervaning is enabled.
There is a very noticable yaw during the transition

This Yaw affect happens everytime would say at this stage I have about 20 flights on the plane

David Ardis


I would initially try another test with the Weathervaning disabled. If that reduces or eliminates your yaw issue then you can concentrate on changing the Q_WVANE_GAIN.



Just double checked Q_WVANE_GAIN is Zero for some reason I was almost sure it was 0.1 will test again with it on

David Ardis

Sounds like a good test. Some other things to try is the link below and also consider the possibility of magnetic interference from the quad motors into the GPS/Compass module. Try using just one compass.

Tuning the yaw damper

Good luck!

Problem Sorted Q_WVANE_GAIN set to 0.1 and the problem is gone