Yaw Imbalance Issues

Hello, I’ve been working through some issues dealing with yaw imbalance warnings and I wanted to see if anyone could confirm my hypothesis on how it’s running in the code.

They yaw imbalance warning is always reported in terms of a percentage. I’m thinking when this is applied to a quad’s yaw behavior, two pairs of motors spool up and and two spool down in order to yaw left/right. This will be done by sending two sets of paired signals to the ESC’s with some delta. When this delta is applied, the yaw rate will be approaching some target rate and the longer it takes to hit this rate, the more the I term in the PID loop will build up. If the I term is different between left and right yaw motions, it would cause the yaw imbalance warning to popup with the percentage reported as the ratio of these two I terms.

Could anyone confirm this is how it’s working in the code or provide another explanation for what criteria has to be met for the warning to be thrown?

It is better to post some logs in order to evaluate it… but the Yaw imbalance message indicates that you have misaligned arms that can be forcing more motors than others to keep yaw still in a hover condition, so double check it first of all. Check in your flight logs if the gap between the PWM applied to CW and CCW motors is large.