Yaw Imbalance 33%

I learn that we could disable this message in the Flight Options, but are we able to tune the heli yaw servo trims or the PIDs in order to stop this message?
@bnsgeyer I increased the I from 0,33 to 0,4 as it was in saturation but still cant lower the imbalance. Could you help me to check how can I make this better.
Also I tryed the Alt.Hold and Loiter and seems that the Heli slowly goes down and doesnt want to hold the altitude.
Another questions that I have is regarding the vibration noise. I am running the dynamic fft, but I am not certain if I am doing something wrong. When I check the fft batch log I see rpm around 2100 but that doesnt match the ESC1 telemetry rpms. I set the servo blh poles = 6 dont know if I need to change (its according to datasheet). Also I would like to setup the governor but seems not to work when setting the RPM to seek for the ESC telemetry rpm, do you know how to correctly set this to work?
I am using a Matek H743 and the Heli 4.1 RC2. Thank you in advance!

The issue of the imbalance is solved by adjusting the tail servo trim by giving more pitch.