Yaw from GPS with Here3 RTK GPS compatibility?

Hi All

Is it possible to use "Yaw from GPS "with 2 x Here3 (M8P) RTK GPS Module only.


No I don’t think so. At least on our GPS-for-Yaw wiki page it specifies the UBlox F9P is required.

And using 2 X Here 3 (CAN connection) is not good because their ID can change on every boot:

Hello ,does the parameter EK3_MAG_CAL= 6 (uses an external yaw sensor with fallback to compass ) working in Copter 4.0.7 ?


GPS-for-yaw can apparently work in 4.0.7 but I hear it requires the user to set various parameters in the GPSs themselves using u-center and I don’t think we have any good documentation on exactly what needs to be set. I think a much better choice is to upgrade to 4.1.0 (still in beta testing) and then follow the instructions on the GPS-for-yaw wiki page.

I tested the gps for Yaw in 4.0.7 with Holybro H-RTK F9P ,until now surprising it work very well for me ,without configuring the gps with u_center , distance between the two modules 30cm , the F9P is much superior than M8P , I receives easy 30 satellites , i set EK3_MAG_CAL= 5 ,in this case EKF3 use only GPS and Gyro in fusion for Yaw ,I suppose in the case of gps faillure , the gyroscope can keeps the heading for a few minutes of flight .
About the 4.1.0 ,I prefer to use a stable version for this solution and this particular drone.
even I use 4.1.0 dev with another development drone ,but it is a version loaded from Master in github for a few months, we are now at 4.2, so the Copter-4.1 brench is the finished 4.1.0 v ?