Yaw error constant rotation until crash


I had a bad experience with cube orange, dual GPS (Here2 CAN), blending mode and HereLink.

At the first take off the drone start to turn infinitly on yaw, I try to compensate and after a few second the drone stop rotate on yaw, I stop compensation and the drone restart to rotate just after, my second try to compensate di.dn’t work.

I had to land with this rotation, drone almost flip on land.

Log here: https://1drv.ms/u/s!Agg5RltHfc_vi4BBTlVS5-lx2GLZVA?e=iLwREd

I think your motor rotation is incorrect. It started yawing right, you tried to compensate at first with left rudder, which accelerated the yaw, then applied full right rudder, which actually stopped the right yaw.

Then it started yawing left, and you tried to compensate with right rudder and it didn’t work. You should’ve tried left rudder, actually.

Your frame_class and _type say flat octo-X. Is that correct ?

Yes, I replace the flight controller on a TTA Aviation drone and I had in head than the front right motor is CCW but it’s not the case on OCTA X…
I change the motor rotation, this evening, I’m going to test tomorrow.
Thank you

Try the new firmware build. I had the same issue but not had time to try it.

Tested today, works quite fine, just one thing drone goes a little bit on the right when I go forward.

Move your Magnetometer to better place.