Yaw axis Autotune do not complete or write PIDs [solved]

I have try a couple of times to use Autotune for Yaw axis but without success.

The copter start to do some gentle 30° movements on Yaw axis but after 15 minutes it did not change any PID value or complete .

AUTOTUNE_AGGR was set tp 0,1 , but was not aggressive at all .

Does YAW autotune work only with a perfect calibrated compass ?

Problem solved .
I had select Autotune changing a flight mode in Autotune , bad idea.
Dedicating a switch to Autotune solve the problem.
Take off in Stabilize, then Loiter, then Autotune.

Autotune from Loiter is a big progress, do not need to touch radio sticks so Autotune procedure is now fast and precise.
Big thank you to the developers :slight_smile:

It stopped due to gnomes onboard.
Or you could post dataflashlog… :slight_smile: