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(Gelis) #1

Hi everybody,
I searched a lot regarding AHR2 and ATT. Does anybody know what is their difference? I’m going to use Yaw and both give this to me but what is the difference and which of them is the “good one”?
Thank you

(Hunt0r) #2

When I studied the code (several years ago) the AHR2 was for the secondary (aka “backup”) AHRS data. So the primary AHRS, as reported in the ATT label, is the best estimate.

(Gelis) #3

Thank you for your quick answer! It is very useful.

(Mert ÖZTÜRK) #4

Dear friends, I have one question. What is different between NKF1 and AHR2?
I dont know anything about that. Which unit is called AHR2?