Yaw and P Hold Tuning

Hi Folks, I’m new to APM, i have a Genuine Pixhawk on a 450 frame, its setup on a Taranis and after some real calibration problems with the Accelerometers I’m up and running with ratios and telemetry all working.

I have done an Auto tune and PID’s seem good apart from YAW, it re corrects its self after coming of the stick, i can rotate it left come off the stick then it stops as rotates back right slightly,

its very annoying, i have had a quick play with Yaw gain but it did not seem to help ?

Also is their anyway to increase the the throttle response in P Hold and Loiter, Loiter is very slow anyway but i like P hold, Pitch and roll are good but Altitude increase rate at just bad.

i appreciate any advice you can give