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Hi everybody,
I searched a lot regarding AHR2 and ATT. Does anybody know what is their difference? I’m going to use Yaw and both give this to me but what is the difference and which of them is the “good one”?
Thank you


I am wondering the same thing… and also in particular if and how either or both take into account compass readings from any magnetometers.

Have you had any luck figuring this out?

It would seem possible that ATT is just a subset (roll/pitch/yaw) of AHR2, though in my data set (for APM:Rover) the Des*** parameters of attitude are set to zero (which I was able to find in the code on Github), and the parameters don’t seem to exactly match up, which indicates to me that they are different.

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AHR2 data is computed by AHRS DCM law, but ATT data is computed by AHRS EKF2 law if you set param “EK2_Enabled =1”.

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