Yaapu voltage question

Radiomaster TX16S and Yaapu

on the top line, there is 8.2 V displayed. and below that 4.1V with that fuel gauge graphic.
my heli has 6S lipo battery, so it should show 25 V ? telemetry value from FC is 25V.

where is this 8.2 V coming from? and how would I change it ?

Yaapu displays cell voltage. 4.1 should be the cell voltage just as an average across the battery. The 8.2 on the top line is your radio’s battery voltage.

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you mean transmitter battery? ok.

is there a way to display the full battery voltage in Yaapu ? 25V for example.
or is that impossible ?

Yes, you can override the cell count and make it 1 (in the Yaapu config script on the transmitter).

I recommend using cell voltage as your primary voltage reference. Then you can fly other vehicles with different cell counts and avoid memorizing multiple values for failsafing or landing (assuming they are similar battery chemistry). It makes for less mental gymnastics if you switch vehicles.

Even better, do a good calibration of your current monitor and use consumed mAh as an additional reference.


The full battery voltage is displayed just below the cell voltage.

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