Yaapu telemetry with Matek H743 Frisky X8R and Radiomaster TX16S

I’ve managed to get Yaapu telemetry working with a few different RX and flight controllers but the above combination has me beat. There’s a post here with the exact same hardware that says to connect from the Sport on the X8R to TX1 on the H743 and then set serial 2 on the H743 to protocol 10 and Options 7. Well, no go for me. I’ve tried using the TX pin and the RX pin on the Matek and a lot of other options but again, no luck.

Does anyone have the same setup working that they could share the configuration?


EDIT: I posted some settings from memory, and they turned out to be primarily relevant to FPort.

Matek has an excellent tips section on their website with some related information:

Flight Controller H743-WING v2 – Matek Systems

I use X8R with F765-WING and the telemetry works perfectly. The significant parameters (S.Port) that I use are the following

SERIALx_OPTIONS = 7 (invert TX/RX,Half Duplex)

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Thanks. What pin on the flight controller are you connecting the SPort on the X8R to?

////////////////// Serial 6 (UART 4)//////////////////

With the S.Port I only use the data cable, neither the voltage cable nor the ground cable.

Turns out I was defining the wrong serial port. I have the telemetry from the receiver connected to pin Tx8 on the Matek and was configuring serial port 8 in ArduPilot. But pin Tx8 maps to serial port 5. Once I fixed that it worked great!