Yaapu telemetry slow updates and choppy messages

So I’m running Copter-4.0.6 on a CubeOrange and found that the yaapu telemetry is acting slow (about 10sec delay) and the displayed messages are cut-off and incomplete. It was working fine on a CubeBlack with Copter-3.6.12.
My radio is a RadioMaster with the latest OpenTX firmware and the latest stable yaapu scripts.
The serial2_protocol (Telem2 port) is set to 10 and the baud rate is set to 57.
This is an issue because I need almost real-time feedback on my radio in order to take action. Any thoughts?

I just confirmed that the yaapu telemetry works fine with a CubeBlack and CubeBlue both running Copter-4.0.6 firmware. The slow updates only seem to happen with the CubeOrange.

Hi, check here Cube Orange UART Inversion & Half Duplex Problems

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Thanks Alex!
After messing around with the serial2_options, these are the settings that worked for me:
I’m using the CubeOrange with an FrSky adapter
serial2_baud 57
serial2_options 768 (noDMA enabled)
serial2_protocol 10
Messages are now shown completely. The delay went down to about 2sec, which I think is good enough. I still feel that it was faster with the CubeBlack though.
Thanks for your help