Yaapu telemetry on TX16S with R161 receiver+Black Cube

I’m trying to get the telemetry working on my TX16S through the UNINVERTED S.Port PIN on the RadioMaster R161 Rx.
on my Black Cube, I’ve connected Serial2 TX pin into the R161 uninverted pin as shown:

Set the Serial2:
Baudrate to 57,
Option to 4 (Half Duplex)
Protocol to 10 (FrSky Telem

installed latest Yaapu FW on my TX16s, running the it and… NOTHING.
searching for sensors comes up with the usual RSSI stuff of the RX.
with my Fluke I’m measuring around unsteady 3.0-3.3V so there’s data pouring-in for sure

Am I missing anything ?!? additional setup on the Tx ?

I have this converter connected to the R161 from a Micro Pix and it works without any problem from t=0, if that helps.

Hi. Thaks for your reply.

That would be my last option.
I’m still trying to use the uninverted signal… thats what its for…