Yaapu setup for beginner, advice please

In a couple of my threads on this forum I’ve been advised to install Yaapu to give me basic ground station data from my helis. I’ve been reading the wiki and other sources and have got some way in my understanding, but could do with some more-specific directions.

My transmitter is FrSky Taranis 9D+2019, and my receivers are FrSky X-series. My FCs are mRo R15 in one heli, and Matek H743 in two other helis. The H743 schematic tells me to connect my Rx SmartPort to the Tx4 pad, so that seems quite straightforward.

On the Github yaapu pages I’ve found folders MODELS/yaapu, SOUNDS/yaapu0, and README.md which in turn tells me to “copy the content of this folder to your radio SD card”. So does that mean I create two new additional folders on my SD card, or do I copy all of the files in those two folders into the MODELS and SOUNDS folders that are already on my SD card, or do I create /yaapu sub-folders in the existing folders and copy the data into them?

The Ardupilot wiki says I need to “Install a LUA script to display the full telemetry.” I’ve not done LUA script before – is that what’s in the MODELS/yaapu and SOUNDS/yaapu0 files?

Finally (for the moment) the wiki goes on to say I may need a bi-directional inverter, though F7/H7 based autopilots can achieve the same result in the config file. So, what are F7/H7 based autopilots?

You will also need to put the scripts folder on your sd card which will contain the lua script you are talking about. If you are not on edgetx I highly suggest you also look into installing this on your radio as it is being actively developed compared with opentx and its lack of development.

Here is the wiki page for installing yaapu on black and white radios such as the x9d+

F7 and H7 flight controllers are just that they use a stm32H7 or stm32F7 based microcontroller. Just like many of the F4 based flight controllers that we originally started with. ardupilot h7 - Google Search

copy them direct into existing folders they will be put in the correct places that way. Simply copy all the folder and go to the main sd card structure and paste them they will be placed in the right area.

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Agree. In fact do this 1st and then get the Yaapu script running. Despite some comments to the contrary OpenTx is a dead end.

I don’t have touch-screen transmitters, so what advantage do I gain by ‘upgrading’ to EdgeTx? Seems like it could be a lot of pain (re-programming 20+ models) for little or no gain.

You’ll gain some future-proofing, since OpenTX development has stagnated for several years. Any new receiver features or protocols may never be supported by OpenTX. The Yaapu script you are keen to install is moving forward in pace with EdgeTX development, as well.

Model conversion can be done automatically in the EdgeTX Companion software, so you don’t need to reinvent any wheels.

I can agree that it is a bit of a leap to take, but it wasn’t very difficult, and I’ve been enjoying the new firmware and its updated menu system.

Additionally, you might be slightly confused about the Lua script aspect of Yaapu telemetry. OpenTX/EdgeTX transmitters can run Lua scripts, much like our autopilots can run scripts, but they are separate and distinct with very different supported features.

In the case of the Yaapu script, you are running a Lua script on the transmitter itself, and there is no need to install a script or enable scripting on the autopilot. On the autopilot, you’ll need a receiver capable of passthrough telemetry like the FrSky hardware you mention, and then set the relevant parameters to enable passthrough telemetry on the RC port.

I also have 3 taranis X9D+ and I have upgraded them all to edgetx. One of the major things you will get is a firmware that is 100% supported and actively being developed as well as bug fixes and enhancements that you will not get with opentx (which is not actively being developed). As @Yuri_Rage said the conversion is all done in their configurator but like always, backup your models just in case something goes awry. One of the reasons I updated was I had a fear that there would be some feature/s that I wanted that would require me to upgrade to edge. If you are a discord person pop in the edgetx channel EdgeTX. I did not regret updating at all!!!

Thanks guys. Other things are cropping up at the moment, so it will take me a while to get to my Yaapu project. But I’ll report back when I do.