Yaapu passthrough telemetry... on elrs/zorro setup, currently not working

Running 2.4Ghz ELRS and trying to get yaapu telemtry displat to work.

Radiomaster Zorro running Edge TX

Telemetry shows up on the radio, but the yaapu telemetry widget shows no telemetry.
SaveParams.param (20.5 KB)

Using the very latest Arduplane 4.2.1
Using the latest ELRS 2.5.0
Using EdgeTx 2.7.1
Have ELSR set to 1:2 packet/telemetry ratio. 150Hz updates.

There is no Yaapu tool on the SD card image for the latest yaapu script on github.
Running the X7 telemetry lua

The tools do show a debug yaapu CRSF.
Running that shows counts increasing for

all other counts are zero.

I’m missing something fundamental… ideas?

I have 900Mhz crossfire on a T16S, next thing I might try is changing radios alas the T16 is a honker the Zorro is much nicer.

Will be interested to see your experience with the TX16S on EdgeTx 2.7.1, Crossfire and the Yaapu script.

Yeah except the T16 was running Open Tx…2.3.11 with ancient crossfire settings…
I guess I have an evening of updating things!
This is supposed to be fun right ?

It is! But I and others have run into a snag with EdgeTx 2.6 and up with Crossfire and the Yaapu script. There is conflict with running scripts which cause problems. It’s an EdgeTx problem that they don’t seem to acknowledge despite reports on multiple platforms (here, Discord and the EdgeTx RCG thread where some Dev’s hang out).

So where is this upto? Does yaapu work with edgetx and will it work on zorro?

I can confirm it works with EdgeTX 2.8.0 and Crossfire on a Zorro. I guess it should also work with ELRS

You will need EdgeTX 2.8.0 on your Zorro and Yaapu 2.0.0 dev.
To get 2.0.0 dev, download the master.zip on the github where it says “EdgeTX version 2.7 or later with Widget version 2.0.0 or later
Then install the QX7 files on your Zorro. Don’t forget to also add the “ALL RADIOS/SD” files
Your file structure should look like this: Installation on Taranis radios · yaapu/FrskyTelemetryScript Wiki · GitHub

Also check if your ELRS setup is ok: Passthrough over CRSF and ExpressLRS · yaapu/FrskyTelemetryScript Wiki · GitHub

And don’t forget to enable Crossfire support in the Yaapu config menu

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The step that’s usually responsible for it not working.


Ok thanks, I’ll follow the instructions and see how i go, on a side note i see that only the full size crossfire module has mavlink stream support so you can use the radio telemetry link to pass data back to real gcs, is there a sensible way that the open radios do this through usb or wifi/bt or something instead?

I believe all recent crossfire modules have Wifi built in now and you can connect your ground station to the module’s hotspot and get telemetry from there. But last I heard it wasn’t working that great

I am so out of touch with this, ive realised i can do separate mavlink telemetry link which i can use for control from gcs if i wish or just control from transmitter over the rc link for simple control or auto for the preloaded mission