Y6 new prop setup (frame=10)-Copter wants to flip forward


I am using 3.1 on a 3DR Y6. I am trying to use the new prop configuration (all top props CW, bottom props CCW), however when I try to take off the copter wants to flip forward.

Steps I took:
-All top 10 inch props are pusher and spinning CW
-All bottom 11 inch props are SF and are spinning CCW
-Frame is set to 10

Attached are a couple logs with ‘motors’ turned on; they are very short but I am hoping it is helpful.

Did I miss something? Really would appreciate some help!

The motor order has also changed if you use the new FRAME=10. So the motor order is now:
#1 - front right top motor
#2 - front right bottom motor
#3 - back top motor
#4 - back bottom bottom
#5 - front left top motor
#6 - front left bottom motor

 my guess is that this is the issue.

Thanks! that was it - I reconnected my ESC signal cables to the PDB as you described and it took off perfectly.

great news. Now there’s a little issue in that if you go to the Mission Planner’s Initial Setup >> Mandatory Hardware >> Frame Type screen it may reset it back to the original “plus” or “x” frame because it doesn’t understand the new FRAME=10 value yet. This will be sorted in some future MP release of course.

thank you for the heads up! if you guys need me to test anything with this new config feel free to reach out