Y6 Circle mode not working

I know the radio is sending it to the circle mode, It shows up on the mission planner screen.
It just seems to drift with the wind.
also the last test I put it in auto. I had 3 way points at 30 feet, than a RTL. It did the 1st 3 points then climbed to about 60 feet and stayed there.

How about attaching either tlogs or data flash logs to help troubleshoot your issue?

in the log 2014-12-15-18-51 at 76 percent you will see it enter the circle mode
Also why did it take so long before It stopped saying bad GPS?

in the log 2014 -4-06-15-48-54 I had 3 way points with the 4th RTL. It did the 1st 3 then climbed to 75 and stayed there. then in the log at 88.4 percent I manually hit RTL and it still did not return.

The files you uploaded are tlogs. Can you upload the flash log files please?

What are the extensions of the files? are they in the same directory?
How do I get these files?

Is it the .log file?

CIRCLE_RADIUS is in centimeters. You have it set to 30 centimeters.