Y3 QuadPlanes hit the earth :)


We built a UAV with a Y3 structure. When switching from Qstabil mode to FBWA mode, it suddenly accelerated and dived into the ground. This aircraft is very stable when taking off in FBWA mode and hovering in Qstabil mode, and it is equipped with a digital airspeed meter. But it seems very unstable during the switch from Qstabil to FBWA. Perhaps the tail power was not completely turned off, causing the elevator to be ineffective, or the front power was insufficient, causing the nose to drop. But what I want to ask is that there is no way to directly change the aircraft from Qstabil mode to FBWA. Or force it to become the target mode after the Q_TRANS_FAIL time has passed.

After changing the minimum stall speed it worked, but it’s not a very good approach. Because it may threaten the normal cruising mode.

Even if I set bit 19 of Q_OPTIONS to 1, it still needs to reach half the airspeed to switch. Is there a way to directly ignore the airspeed detection? Because as long as there is a certain altitude, a normal aircraft has enough power to gain airspeed. And in most cases it will not spiral