Y-6 went nutso when commanding yaw

I’ve been having all kinds of problems with my Y-6 config multirotor. I’m running firmware 3.1.5. I was hovering in loiter mode and commanded a left yaw. The copter started pitching/rolling erratically. I fumbled with the mode switches while the copter spazzed around and crashed. Any idea why it freaked out?


Can you post a copy of the log/bin file for this flight? It will give a lot more detail of what was happening during the flight? Your link quality for your telemetry is terrible, was your pc inside the house? What frequency do your telemetry radios operate on?

Nathaniel ~KD2DEY

There will be no log file as the OP requested that the log file be deleted for privacy concerns.

I see that even the original tlog was deleted as well. I can understand the OP’ concerns over privacy, but it makes it impossible for anyone to do more that take a wild guess. Too bad, sorry we can’t help.

Good luck,
Nathaniel ~KD2DEY