XUAV Talon

Has anyone set up a TALON with Plane 3.3.0 yet?
I’m just starting here, but looking for a few tips from anyone who might have set up or who knows this airframe, and maybe some sample parameters like those shown on the page
plane.ardupilot.com/wiki/configu … airframes/
Would be most helpful!
best regards

A colleague has a Talon flying and I’ve sent them a link to this threading asking for input.

Thanks, Grant.

I also fly a Talon.
This is the latest parameters file
drive.google.com/open?id=0BxkUT … XRPYU8tbDA

Thanks Lbarreiro.
@Salience, just remember that even though they are the same plane there could be differences so you shouldn’t simply use all of Lbarreiro’s parameters immediately in your plane but rather as a reference to see if you think any of yours should be adjusted.
Thanks, Grant.

@gmorph and @Lbarreiro can you send me the link also. I guess the old one was broken