Xplane 10 and VTOL firmware


I have a question about Xplane. I know how to start HITL and how to flight with custom firmware, but i would like to ask, if i am able to test VTOL formware in XPLANE 10? I know the best way is to test in RF8, but i dont have this and i need to build my own VTOL tailsitter. So is there a way to test tailsitter code in xplane10 ?

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I have been working on a VTOL concept in X-plane 11. I would say that it can be done but there are some serious limitations in X-plane w.r.t. tilting individual rotors for any form of thrust vectoring in hover. Some of the limitations can be overcome with imagination but it’s not as easy as it should be. I haven’t used RF8 - the closed-ness of the architecture and the price puts me off - but given what Mr Tridgell et al have done, I do wonder if this is at all wise.

I have had some e-mail discussion with Austin at Laminar Research in an attempt to address the problems but it all costs money. I’m guessing though that if enough people badger him about the limitations, he might get the idea…

The functional differences between 10 and 11 are minimal-to-negligible as far as SITL is concerned.


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Okei, but how can i change flight modes there? Fixed wing and hovering mode? Can i change that in mission planner? I have pixhawk2 and newest firmware.


Tired also yesterday, cant find any stick or button how to change fixed wing mode to hoovering mode. Can anybody help? :slight_smile:

I would really be thankful :slight_smile:

If you’ve configured the APM to run as a quadplane then all you do is use the mode switch or mission planner to change from a fixed-wing mode (FBWA, STABILIZE, AUTO) to a Q-mode such as QHOVER, QSTABILIZE etc. Of course the standard SITL build doesn’t support controlling much other than pitch, roll, yaw, throttle joystick inputs.

For my work, I have re-coded to beam datarefs from SITL to manipulate control surfaces etc as though they were servos rather than (effectively) a generic joystick input.

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Okei, so i realize, if i download newest firmware to my Pixhawk 2, then use HITL simulation. Starting as a fixed wind plane and when i switch mode button in my joystick the plane changes mode? I just need to test mode changes right now but cant find any button what changes flight mode :frowning:

Or do i understand something wrong?

Thank You Andrew for helping me :slight_smile:

I’m not quite getting what you mean here. You can change flight mode but not into a quadplane mode? Have you configured APM as a quadplane?

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Okei, i try to explain more. I’m not very good in English but i’ll give my best.

I start Hil in Xplane (in mission planner), i can flight with plane, everything is good:) But i want to change flight mode when i’m flying around(Fixed wing to hoovering mode). Where i can change flight mode when i’m flying around, do i use mission planner at the same time and change there something? Or do i have to configure some button which changes the flight mode at the time when i flight?

Can everything is now understandable?

Regards :slight_smile: