XCodeProject from github seems to be defect

When opening the apmplanner2.xcodeproj, XCode issues the following error:

Inspecting the contents of the xcodeproject folder shows that the file is indeed missing.

It seems that the folder only contains ‘project.xcworkspace’ with 83 bytes …

Tip: Inspect your local xcodeproject and submit/push all contents of the apmplanner2.xcodeproj folder …

The code is being developed and built using QT Creator. You can using the Qt qmake create a xcodeproj directory, but it will not be included in the repository. I’m not sure the Qt4.8 opensource version as the most up to date convertor. It maybe only when we move to Qt5.x we get support for Xcode 4 and 5


May I ask what is the configuration of Qt and Qt Creator you are using?
I have this problem of the breakpoints always being ignored in Qt Creator the 2nd time I run debug. :confused:

We use Qt4.8.5. On OSX i am using Xcode 5 build tools (Clang 64Bit)

We should publish more detailed build instructions. I’ll do that soon. :slight_smile:

Great to hear that Bill, thanks! Btw, if it’s possible to XCode-dize the project, it would be very welcome.

If you want to add the feature, we will be happy to include it.

The reason i haven’t is lack of time, and it looking like it would not work. See qt-project.org/forums/viewthread/20745

The code repository is here. github.com/diydrones/apm_planner

To get changes into the repo, you need to create a fork, and make a pull request. This is all documented in the Github help.