Xbox Joystick Configuration for Boogie Board

I am running two Blue Robotics T200 Thrusters and Ping Sonar on a boogie board with a Navio2 Autopilot hat on a RPi 3B. I’m using a FrSky Taranis X-Lite remote control with an X8R radio. I am trying to configure QGC so that I can use an xbox controller instead while the batteries for the X-Lite are charging, and have followed the documentation on how to set it up. I have it configured so that center stick on the xbox controller is zero throttle, however whenever it is armed and the controller is at center stick, it still takes off as if “stick down” is zero throttle. I have tried the configuration process a bunch of times, rebooted the board and QGC, however the parameters do not write. Has anyone else experienced a similar issue and been able to overcome it?