Xbox gamepad, controller

I am working on a new rover project. I was able to set up an xbox controller for throttle and ground steering without RC transmitter (ch1,3). These functions are handled with the right joystick. I wanted to use the left joystick to move a raspicam fixed on a pan&tilt kit. I am using MP and I set up channel 2 and 4 for this purpose, set also the function for passthrough. I can see the bars moving in Servo outputs, and I can move the camera up and down, but left and right does not work. The output is really weak like trim:1525, max:1546,min:1524. I could not find any parameter to amplify this weak joystick PWM signal.
Is that supposed to be a joystick failure?
Is there anybody who was able to use the left joystick on a controller?


set RCx_max, min and trim for your channels, MP joystick setup uses those values for mapping values.

these values were already set in but had no effect on the servo. I put the extremities I could get out of the joystick for max,min

Set max 2000 and min 1000 with 1500 trim
It does have effect on the joystick axis value mapping.

Or check manual control for the given channel

indeed, that was it! strange, that was the first setting I have tried, being the default, but it did not work that time. probably something else was wrong.
thanks for reminding!