Xbee telemetry

I was wondering if telemetry will work when using the xbee modules.
Thanks in advance Tassos

I have used Xbee 900 Pro with DP & AndroPlot with no issues, since first release on my Galaxy S3 :smiley:
Good for secure comms too. Cheers!

What frequency Xbees do you plan to use?
There are both 900MHz and 2.4GHz Xbees.
If you are going to use the 2.4GHz Xbees, then do you plan not use a R/C transmitter as there could be interference issues?

I am using 900 Mhz xbees, I solved the problem, Xbees will not connect if the option save log is enabled, otherwise they work fine.
I have one more question , is RSSI visible in th HUD with the Xbees?
Thanks in advance