XBee Modules: MAVlink, but not able to send waypoints

Hello everyone!

Unfortunately I’m having some problems with my telemetry connection. To sum up the whole thing:

I’m able to connect to my arduplane (APM2) with Mission Planner and I’m receiving all attitude data normally. The problem begins when I try sending waypoints or some parameter changes to the plane. Most of the times I am able to change a few parameters on-the-fly, but sometimes I get an error message like “timeout on reading/writing”. Writing more than 3 waypoints is nearly impossible. It stops at some point inbetween and giving me the same timeout error as above.

I really don’t know what is the issue, because the connection works until some point.

What I did so far:

  • Reduced the refresh rates in mission planner to 1Hz for everything -> doens’t make a difference
  • Adjusting the packetization timeout inside the xbee modules. -> from 0 to 100, no remarkable results
  • Same problem occurs with my quadcopter (different ground module and different one inside)
  • updated both mission planner and apm firmware to the newest

Do you have any ideas? When you need more informations I’ll give it to you :wink:


Okay I found the solution:

When the XBee Series 2 modules are configured to send via broadcast mode, then the connection will be far slower then a correctly configured point-to-point connection. Acutually this is quite logical, beside the point, that even in broadcast mode, I used only 2 modules. Havn’t thought this would decrease the speed so much.

-> Always adjust the destination address in both modules, that one module will only send to the address from the other one. Otherwise you might get into trouble… :wink: