X8 takes off and just hovers in auto mode

Noob alert!

I planned a little test of Droidplanner 2. A simple take off to 10m, followed by a small circle at the same height and a RTL to finish. Put X8 in to auto mode, gave a little throttle and it shoots up to 10m (not a problem). Moved throttle to 50%, incase I have to take it out of auto mode, and then wait for mission to complete. Except…it never does. It just hangs there. What am I doing wrong? I’m sure I’m to blame but can’t figure it out. In fact I read a couple of weeks back a similar thread, but for the life of me, can’t find it again!

A little help.


Have you put the mission onto the X8?

I’m pretty sure it loaded via Mavlink but I’ll try again tomorrow.

Did you get your problem resolved? What was the solution?

Make sure your waypoint radius is above 0. If set to 0, the vehicle will never “hit” the waypoint, and will continue to try to find it before moving on to the next waypoint.