X8+ RTF struggling with some issues

Hello everyone, first post as a newbie on this forum, to bad it has to be about problems.

I received my X8+ about 2 weeks ago now and has since the first flight been struggling with the following issues :

1 Twitching and generally big adjustment when using loiter mode.
2 Altitude drops both slow descends while moving slowly in any direction and big drops when moving faster and going to a halt.
3 Large battery consumption only get 8-9min on a 10000mah battery .
4 Altitude descends while doing missions, slowly drops as long as it moves
5 Flipping after landing ( only crashed 1 time but have saved it from flipping 2-3 times after land )

I am in contact with 3Dr support and getting answers and i am thankful for this, but I thought posting my issues here might bring out some more ideas on the problems ?

What has been done then ?

I have checked all motors for bent shafts and anomaly’s and everything seems fine. I have changed props , weighted and checked for balance . I have reinstalled the Arducopter firmware and uploaded all X8+ RTF parameters again.

Still the problem remains !

Here a link to my last flight today, after reinstalling firmware and parameters .

dropbox.com/sh/02boih1gwu2b … N6wha?dl=0

Thanks , Andreas

Hello again, I spent a couple of hours yesterday going thru all parameters in mission planner trying to get some understanding what they all do and many of them are straight on what effect they will have . But has some guru of all this written a detailed description on all of them ?

Regarding flipping on landing: I found that the X8+ copter encounters turbulence when landing that can flip it, perhaps it’s from the co-axial motors, and you kind of have to stabilize at one meter high, then “punch it” down through that zone and land a little harder than you have been landing. I cracked the GPS mast and bought 3 replacements because they’re so fragile.

Brothan, same stuff happening here. all your symptoms and some bad landing flips. cheap parts. and every flight some nut, screw, or bolt goes missing. i have lost 5 prop nuts and washers. lol bad experience here. plus a defective go pro that 3dr still ( 3 weeks) has not done an rma on. very dissatisfied…

I don’t see it like that. The technology is so new and involving so fast, and we picked a platform that does have a DIY feel. But the upside is that at this early stage in UAV, the X8+ is really versatile. You can make a movie with it, do a Pix4D aerial survey, hook up a sprayer to deliver pesticide to your fields. Try delivering pesticide with a DJI Inspire. I have found that 3DR is incredibly responsive. The other day I noted that the APM Planner map was defaulting to Portuguese, and Chris Anderson, the CEO personally marked it as a bug for GitHub review. Talk about hands on. I’m willing to deal with the learning curve because 3DR and the APM team is meeting me halfway.

Hej Brothan.
Jag hörde att du pratade svenska på filmen. Det verkar finnas få av dessa drönare i Sverige. Har du möjlighet att bolla några funderingar via telefon angående drönaren? Jag är i “komma-igång-stadiet”. :wink:

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English translation:
Hi Brothan.
I heard you speak Swedish in the film. There appears to be few of these drone in Sweden. Are you able to juggle a few thoughts via phone regarding the drone? I am in the “Getting Started stage”. :wink:

076-812 66 64