X8+ RTF electrical diagrams

I recently received our first X8+ and can’t wait to put it through some real world testing! My question though, is regarding the pre installed FPV cables. I assume these are for a minim OSD and vtx, but would like to see a diagram of how things are connected without tearing apart this beautiful new RTF machine. Thanks!

You can find the components and wiring to the video system here:
3drobotics.com/wp-content/upload … t-Manual-D

Excellent, thanks for your help! I looked right at the PDF but it didn’t register with my brain.

Hi guys,

I’ve connected the -3DR Video/OSD System Kit- using the pre installed FPV cables (on top of the sexy X8+), the video streaming/OSD Overlayed Text looks fine in the monitor (Band E & Channel 8) but no telemetry at all.

I’ve also noticed that there are 2 red leds in the Minim OSD and one red led in the Transmitter. I’ve tried connecting the Transmitter power cable to the battery supplied in the Kit but still having the same result (no telemetry and red leds).

Any help will be much appreciated, Thanks!

connect telemetry radio to mission planner or droid planner and see if telem data appears on osd

Hi Santiago,

Yes, I’m receiving telemetry on the RC and the droid planner. Everything looks normal on both.


Hi Santiago,

Telem data appears now on OSD, thanks for your help. But I still seeing the red leds (transmitter and minim OSD), is this normal ?


Matt - did you ever find the factory wiring diagrams for the X8+? The ones posted in 3DR are for the after market add-ons and do not show the current on board wiring - and I will tell you there are some differences - and a few major differences. Thanks.


No I used a multimeter to figure it out. The GoPro cable goes to an aux out from the pixhawk and also has a video out connector for the OSD. The servo connector on the bottom is the tilt control and the 2 JST connectors provide battery voltage to the gimbal and vid Tx.