X8 Octo-Quad and motor test do not match

Motor test is doing well for quad in a clockwise fashion.
Not so in the octo quad. The motor order is incorrect.

Having motor in the wrong order is almost a certain crash.
My Question is:
Should I match Pix. outputs to the picture below?
Change the order to match the motor test to have a clockwise test as per the photo below?

If you’re using the Mission Planner motor test, the letters A-H don’t match the motor numbers in that diagram.

I made this version with the correct letters for the mission planner motor test on an X8.

Hope it’s helpfull.

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ignore the letters I have mine set up like that diagram and have those numbers attached to pix hawk and labeled. works fine

+1 here. juzzle1 is right.
The letters on the above drawing are correct. My small 1 meter octo quad is showing this order and flies perfectly. (even with one prop missing! LOL (advantage of octo quad over quad…) :slight_smile: