x8 motor issue, hole right side off

This is my first time setting up something like this. The craft is a kongcopter fq700. 1555 lower props 1455 top props. I am having no vibrations what so ever per logs. My issue is once arms the motors start and when I raise throttle the motor throttle jumps rather high and wants to roll over to the right. I have to input full left aileron to get it off the ground. I’ve done acc setup,compass and radio setups. Aileron is set for 1500 as middle. Per the log the hole right side of motors is less throttle then the left. The quad is level and shows lever during mission planner. Motor and props are correct direction. Everything is in the center from the pixhawk to the battery’s(2 6s 6000) Hover throttle is set to 500. What could cause the craft to want to roll right on lift off? Also I did do throttle calibration… And since all the left are the same and all right are the same I think its something else. Once in the air I still have to hold left aileron. Any help would be great. Thank you.

Never mind on this issue. I found the problem about 30 mins after posting this. My throttle middle was not set for 1500 but instead around 1000. For whatever reason this caused the right side to have less power.