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X7 series Autopilot from CUAV

It looks to me like the Nora controller will be a winner. I’ll be looking forward to testing that one in helicopters.

wowww looks beautiful. i would like to try this flight controller.
I’m planning to develop the X7 also. May I know where to get the software ardupilot that support X7 (using the STM32H743XI). I’m planning to add companion computer.

Btw I have done porting MAVESP8266 to Linux in C++. so you can connect mavlink thru UDP. If you guys want to try, here is the link :

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I’ve done some initial tests on the ADIS16470 sensor that will be in the X7

Looks very promising!


Thanks. I can’t wait to get my hands on both that and the CUAV Nora

Wow, that is one expensive IMU!

When can we expect purchasing the X7 Pro & Nora ? I assume covid 9 delays things a bit ?


I spoke with Lindy tonight at CUAV and she said she was hoping for next month to have them in the store

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