X4 Yaw Right when throttle is increased

This is my setup:

X4 on Alien 680 Frame
4 Tarot 4114 320kv Motors
4 1555 CF props
4 45amp ESCs (I cant remember the brand)
Pixhawk FC
Multistar 10,000 Mah battery
FrSky Taranis X9 TX
FrSky X8b RC
3dr telemetry

Here is my issue:

When the throttle is increase in stabilize mode the machine turns (yaw right) as the altitude is increased. I have checked to ensure that I don’t have any mix operations set up on my radio. I am not sure how to trouble shoot any further and searches I have done have not been productive.

My theory was that one of the props was spinning faster, but it is able to hover without turning.

A bit of history: I recently changed from an AMP 2.6 board to the Pixhawk board. This issue was not present when I had the APM board.

Things I have tried:

ESC calibration
Flight Controller calibration (Gyro and compass)

I wouldn’t call myself an expert on the firmware, but I’ve had this issue before and doing a Compass-Motor calibration worked like a charm. You can find more info here:
copter.ardupilot.com/wiki/common … and_motors

Are you runnning fw 3.3 ? Could you please post your logs ?

If compassmot cannot fix it. Would you mind to check if all motor mount plates are 100% leveled up ? When I assembled my hexa, all motor plates were slightly off level ( around 1 ~ 1.5 dev ) and the hex was performing very crazy regarding yaw positioning. .


Yes, there’s a good chance that this is being caused by motors/propellers not being level, causing a torque which can be compensated at part throttle, but not at full throttle. Logs should tell.