X2.1-177 Mission Planner Firmware update, No firmware available for this board (resolved)

Has anyone else had trouble updating the firmware on this flight controller? I’ve followed their wiki’s instructions for both Mission Planner and QGroundControl and no luck.

Deleted then formatted the sd card, uninstalled Mission Planner, drivers, then reinstalled, tried every combination of usb cables I have including to different JST-GH to micro usb connectors nothing seems to work. Still waiting to hear back from their help desk, just figured I try here while I’m waiting.

Try to download directly from firmware.ardupilot.org the required firmware and use the upload custom firmware:

example (using copter stable 3.6.10 for helicopter)


download the .apj file and then use the custom file and point to the file you downloaded

But, I’m not having problems flashing even master using the default procedure on QGC

Yeeup, that worked perfectly. Thanks for the help Luis.