X-wing quadcopter

What configuration should I use if I want to build an X-Wing quadcopter? Like this picture but with 4 motors at the tip of the wings?


you will need to be on master, its a x quad frame with Q_TAILSIT_MOTMX set to 15 for all four motors active in forward flight. You will need control surfaces for forward flight.

Thanks Peter, what do you mean by the term “master”?

master is the main branch of the code on github. All the releases are copys of the master branch from some point in the past. You can fiy on the master branch using the latest firmware folder.

Just beware that Master is less tested than the stable releases: you’ll find new features etc there, but whilst we try not to merge bugs in with them, flying Master does come with an element of additional risk.

Hi Peter, thanks for helping, now it’s clear.

Peter, I thought I understood …
Do I need to take one of the the Pixhawk firmware folder?

Jaymes, thanks for the clarification. Do you suggest to use a different version?
Thanks all of you for the suport.

most likely pixwhawk1 is you have one of these


or a clone

If I remember correctly, I have the product of 3DR.
I do not think I ever bought a cloan.
I’ll check when I get home.
Does it change the choice? Do you still recommend moving forward with the Pixhawk1 version?
What is the risk level in this version?

yeah thats a Pixhawk1.

as far as I know you will be building the first Ardupilot aircraft with this configuration. It will take some careful setup probably wont ‘just work’ as copters do

Thank you.
Yes, I will start at Arduplane/ELEVON. After calibration I switch to Qplane.
Is there a list of known bugs for this version? There is a specific part I should be careful?

its tested fairly regularly, this is the list of issues. Its unlikely there will be any catastrophic bugs but some stuff may not work. I fly master on all my vehicles.

Hi Peter, thank you I appreciate your help.
What is the reason you do not recommend working with a more stable branch of the software?

The stable version does not have the capability to fly such a aircraft

Thanks for the answers and your time.
I’ll start the project and upload updates :slight_smile: