X-UAV Talon 2000 mm (with wing extension)

Hey there! I hope you guys are at home and safe. These are some difficult times.
Anyways, I just recieced an X-UAV Talon with wing extension and I intend to use it for mapping purpose. I have printed skids, tray, wing joiners etc. I wish to fibre glass the belly for protection. The expected AUW of the bird will be around 4kg.
I was looking for the mose effecient motor and propeller for it so as to increase its endurance. I intend to use 2x 9500 mah Li-ion 6S battery in parallel
70 Amp ESC
Pixhawk 2.1 cube FC
Airspeed sensor
RFD 900+ Telemetry
L9R radio receiver
Sony A6000 camera

I was hoping to achieve 2hrs flight endurance carrying all this weight. Reading on several threads I found peope using cobra 3520 800kv motor with 12 or 13 inch prop. Can you please suggest the most effecient motor and prop combination to achieve max endurance. Will any 3520 800kv motor with 13 inch prop do that for me? Or should I look for another size and brand of motor?

Thank you for your time.
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Shubham Thakur

maybe check ecalc.ch for drivetrain optmization. while the 12-13" prop seems a reasonable size for this airframe, 850kV will likely be too much on the planned 6S battery setup imho, maxing out over 120A at wot.

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I read a post here. They used a T-motor 4014 500 KV motor with Aeronaut 15x6 CAM Carbon folding propeller.
As my bird will be 4kg heavy due to mapping equipments, I am not sure which motor to go with.
Should I go with 3520 500/600 kv motor or 4014 500 kv ?

What will you suggest keeping, higher endurance with this weight, in mind?
Every extra minute of flight time in mapping will increase work efficiency drastically.

Thanks in advance!
Shubham Thakur

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Is there anyone who can help providing parameters file for talon and also any tip and tricks is also welcomed. I was also curious about turning raidius of talon with wing extensions and hence overshoot for mapping mission.
Thanks in advance for your time

Shubham Thakur
Nagpur, INDIA

I had a question. I read that I shouldn’t mix in my tx for vtail. Mission planner will handle it properly but what if I change my mode to manual mode?

I guess I cannot fly in manual mode without mixing channels in tx, can I?

Thank you

Shubham Thakur

No mixing in Tx. Everything is handled by Ardupilot in all modes including manual.

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Thank you @Mallikarjun_SE.

My doubt is clear

Where do you find your wing extension for X-UAV Talon???
I am looking for that with no success :frowning:
Thanks for your help! :slight_smile:

Best regards

Guillaume Helle

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I recently read some of the talon thread at rcgroups in the fpv aircraft section and there was a post that had and email address that you could contact and they also said you have to email the company that makes them I pretty sure that’s what it said. Unfortunately I don’t know the email address but if you look on rcgroups.Com you will be able to find the post start at the most current posts and work your way back in time and you will find it in a few pages.

Hope this helps.

I am not sure where it was ordered from. Here in India they come with the kit.