X-Plane 11 - Whats the trick to connecting?

I have been trying all morning to get X-Plane 11 talk to Mission Planner. Every time X-Plane 11 crashes when trying to load a flight.

Will keep trying, iI win I will post an update.

Ok found it


I try doing the same setting you post.
But I couldn’t connect to the x-plane 11

I used MP 1.3.52

Dose the Data Output Selection important ? if yes could you capture the rest items.

I hope you can help me .

any replay :frowning: >

I am still waiting

Gosh, did you try again at all?

It’s the same output settings as 10.5 they are just presented differently. My computer is too slow to run 11 consistently so I have reverted back to 10.5. One day I will get a machine that can handle it and create a video of those settings. They are these. http://ardupilot.org/dev/docs/sitl-with-xplane.html

These worked the best for me http://ardupilot.org/dev/docs/soaring-sitl-with-xplane.html