X-Plane 11.33r2 not receiving commands

I can get X-Plane to output data and mission planner and mavproxy display it. The data is not working the other way. I checked that I am using the ports that are defined in the SIM_XPlane.h file (Port we receive on: 49000, Port we receive on (legacy): 49000, and Port we send on (legacy): 49002) The Data Output>General Data Output>Network Config is fine with port 49001.

X-Plane 11.33r2
ArduPlane 3.9.8 xplane model
MAVProxy 1.8.6

Figured it out! Set the “Port we receive on” to some thing that isn’t used. I put it on 49010. The legacy ports are what ArduPlane is using.

Hello @TunaLobster! I realize that it has been a while since you figured out your issue with X-Plane 11.33r2, but I was wondering if you’d have insight into why I’m unable to control any airplane on X-Plane (11.36), using MissionPlanner and SITL. I’m new to MP, ArduPilot/SITL, and I have been stuck on this problem for a while. Here is a link to my post about my issues.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.