Wrong M8P RTK configuration and non existing GPS

I’m not an expert but I suppose that it is the Pixhawk firmware that initialise and configure the GPS at boot if the Autoconfig option in Mission Planner is enabled .

I have a big configuration problem with a Drotek M8P RTK Rover Gps .
If I let with Autoconfig option the Pixhawk to configure the Gps , I’m not able to receive any RTK data while if I disable the option and use a manual Gps configuration RTK datas are received once injected via Mavlink.

The second element that let me think there is a problem is that if I allows Autoconfig option , I receive some error messages related to GPS 1 even if only a GPS is present in the system and the second Gps is set as “not present” in Mission planner .

Does the 3.4.6. version supports the M8P ?

No sorry only 3.5 and up

Thanks !

It is a real important point that is missing or I missed it in the manufacturer documentation.

I confirm that with version 3.4.6. Ardupilot will not configure correctly the M8P series gps.

Now with 3.5 it works perfectly