Wrong direction when everything is normal

Hello. I have serious problems with my rover’s compass calibration. My compass is in the same direction as my card as it should be. However, no matter how effective I make the settings, unfortunately the heading direction of my rover shows incorrectly and it never proceeds to the target. I reinstalled it many times but the compass direction is always wrong.
I reinstalled firmware.
Card and compass away from other electronics and metals
There is no problem with the wiring.

I’m using Pixhawk 2.4.8 and Ublox M8N GPS.
I am attaching the log files (2 logs), can you help?
2 Logs

Take motor(s) away, calibrate and compare.

Thanks for the answer.
I provide calibration and then control via USB. Even without starting the engines, the vehicle shows the wrong direction and the engine is quite far from the card and compass, there are no electronics or metal near the compasses.
While calibrating, both compasses are calibrated with 99% success. When I restart, I see that the vehicle direction is wrong. Normally I was using version 4.0, although I installed a new version, the problem continues in the same way.

Replay: have you taken the motor(s) 1 Km far, far, far away, calibrated again and compared results observing orientation in MP, with the motor(s) and any other magnetic object still 1 Km far, far, far away?

Got it, rest assured I’ll try again in a completely open and steppe area :slight_smile:
I will keep you informed, thank you.

find out you FC toward to , if the vehicle toward to the same direction ,thats rigth ,but if it’s not the same ,you must first to set the AHRS_ORIENTATION to tell the FC the angle betwin FC and vehicle ,and then calibrat … do not in door ,find a open wild ,and faraway from meatl…

i think it doent mate of moto

Thank you both. The settings I made in the open field were successful. however, there was no problem with the settings I made many times in different vehicles before, but when there was a problem with this vehicle, I thought it was another mistake.