Wrong dependencies of CRUISE_SPEED, RTL_SPEED, WP_SPEED?

(tested on 4.0.0stable and 4.1.0dev)

I’ve three ArduPlanes flying and built my first ArduRover (Skid-ArduBoat).
So the first experience with my boat at the lake has been, that it’s running in Manual and Acro, but not in Auto, Rtl or Loiter -> just turning, but no movement or correction of position.

So after some hints from that forum I tried the behaviour in SITL.

The described problem happens, if CRUISE_SPEED is >0 and RTL_SPEED=0 and WP_SPEED=0.

If RTL_SPEED > 0 and WP_SPEED=0 then no AUTO-movement happens, but RTL is possible.

In my understanding if RTL_SPEED=0 or WP_SPEED=0 then the (comfortable to learn) CRUISE_SPEED should be used instead.
Is there any reason why that’s not the case or is that an issue? …or is it a feature :wink:

Hello, that is interesting. We will look at it

The problem I encountered is that the cruise speed cannot be changed by changing the CRUISE_SPEED parameter in auto mode,What’s going on?