Wrong <APMFirmware> tag in config.xml, why?

Hi all !

I wanted to loog at my log (especially NTUN) but i was unable to identify the colums that i wanted to graph.
Googling for the needed column values ended in a 100% hit:


As the guy at DIYDrones experienced, my config.xml in MP had the tag set to “ArduPlane”, NOT to “ArduCopter2”.

I never loaded Plane Firmware.
I only loaded Hexacopter FW (stable) AND in between i loaded the GPS-pass-thru Firmware.

Due to this bug several log entry columns were named wrong.

Does anyone of you have a clue how this error happened ?



Hi !

Strangely enough i experience the same bug as the guy from DIYDrones i cited BUT the bugfix does not work, i still get the wrong column names in the log browser ?!?

Maybe its again a problem between my ears.
I am trying to follow the steps from this link where i guy uses NTUN log to find out why loiter was flying circles:
But when i log NTUN i do not HAVE the column values this guy uses (e.g. “Long err”).

So i googled for that phenomen and found the link from my first post where another guy found out about that misbehaviour triggered by the wrong config.xml value.

Any help ?



I’m not the mission planner expert but we now use a “self describing log format” which is just a fancy way to say that the column headers for each message type appear at the top of the logs. You can actually see them as “FMT” messages at the top.
…so I don’t have an answer as to why the incorrect column headers were displayed but I think this explains why the fix doesn’t work anymore.

Hello rmackay…
I wondered about that too…

So i guess i will try to reinstall MP, lets see if that cleans up the mess.
Or am i on the wrong path and i have to specify somewhere which “flavour” of NTUN to capture ?!?!
But things looked sooo familiar with the other guys problem, strange…