Writing firmware to all chibios boards?

I’m pretty new at this, but if this issue is real, it has implications for anyone trying to write firmware with the Betaflight configurator.
when running the new Betaflight configurator today (8th), the board (matek F405 wing) connects fine in DFU mode, but when I reach the stage of loading the local hex file into the configurator to flash the board, it all comes to a screeching halt. I get a warning on a barber pole that says the configurator can’t be used to flash non-betaflight firmware.
Have we been given the boot here, or did I make a mistake of some sort?
Can’t see why they would care who uses their configurator. But if we are out of the club for some reason, a summary of how to load the hex directly would be appreciated. A lot.

I just flashed Arducopter on a Omni F4 nano with Betaflight Configurator 10.5.1 no problem.
The standard procedure:
Download the *with_bl.hex
Push the boot button and power FC
Start configurator, hit Update Firmware and then Load Firmware (local)
Select .hex file and then Flash Firmware.
Mission Planner shows it loaded the Chibios version of Ardupilot.