WPNAV_SPEED equivalent for Guided mode?

The following behavior is observed using Arducopter in SITL, v3.4-rc6

I’m able to use DO_CHANGE_SPEED in either guided or auto mode, and the arducopter will use this speed as a maximum when navigating between it’s current position and the target position.

However, WPNAV_SPEED only accurately reports the speed of a WP, and does not correct report the target speed while in Guided mode.

Is this a defect that WPNAV_SPEED doesn’t report the guided mode target speed, or is it a missing feature that there is no parameter that reports the guided mode target speed?

Or (and this of course never happens) I’m blind and am missing an arducopter supported parameter that will provide this information.

Thanks for any help!

WPNAV_SPEED should be used for both guided and AUTO mode.

If you have a dataflash log of a flight in which the vehicle did not attain the WPNAV_SPEED while in guided mode we can have a peek. It’s possible that the GCS has quietly made a do-set-speed call without informing the user in which case this becomes a GCS issue and we can move this topic to the area corresponding to the GCS you’re using.

Just to be clear, the WPNAV_SPEED is a setting so the user can specify the desired vehicle speed.

I haven’t heard anything back, so although it hasn’t been long I think I’ll mark this as closed. I’ll monitor for replies though in case anyone disagrees.