WPNAV_RADIUS set to zero causes Copter to Loiter xx times at Waypoint 1?

Hi All

I am flying a quadcopter with AC3.5.4 , Mission 1.3.52 .

I do an AUTO Mission with WPNAV_RADIUS set to zero .
I plan a mission with first Waypoint [LOITER_TIME] with delay [3 seconds] and the second Waypoint set to RTL.

During Auto Mission , copter navigates to Waypoint # 1 and then loiters there for more than 60 seconds until i manually RTL it.
{ Copter should loiter there for 3 seconds and then Return to Launch } .
I have checked everything regarding this problem as i know , the only Parameter i change was i set WPNAV_RADIUS to Zero .
Is this the parameter that causes Auto Mission to stop at Waypoint # 1.

Kindly help !!!
If someone could explain why this is happening i would be very thankful.
( Copter would have crashed loitering there but thanks to the Telemetry connection that informs me ).

Logically, WPNAV_RADIUS set to 0 should prevent any waypoints from successfully completing, so it is working as intended.

I gotta ask, what possessed you to set WPNAV_RADIUS to 0 ???


It was done mistakenly.

I would like if someone from developer or any kind soul would explain what if someone set WPNAV_Radius to Zero.

When an object has a radius of zero, it doesn’t exist. The radius of the waypoint is nothing, so how can the copter reach something that doesn’t exist?

WPNAV_RADIUS is the size of the waypoint (hence radius). When the copter enters the waypoint, it is considered completed and proceeds to next command. If the radius is zero, it can never enter the waypoint.

So you mean wpnav_radius parameter with Zero value was the factor behind loiter at Waypoint # 1.

Do i consider it as a Solution ??

Change the radius to 200 and try it.

I’m surprised it left the 1st waypoint/takeoff after reaching desired altitude. In SITL if you try that it just sits there because it can’t find a solution. Probably a deviide by zero error and it hangs or something like that.

Problem # 2:
When the quad endlessly loiters at Waypoint # 1 , i command RTL from Mission Planner .
I switched to PosHold Mode and descends the copter manually down.

Is it the same Problem of WPNAV_Radius =0 ??