WP Speed has a limit?

Hi. I need to change the speed of my hexa during a mission. I set up the channel 6 from 0.1 to 2, which gives me from 100 to 2000 cm/sec. I check it in Mission Planner and my slider changes the WP Speed as it should. The problem is in the air, speed ranges from 100 to 500-600 cm/s. It doesn’t fly faster. I am connected via radio module and Mission Planner shows the WP Speed up to 2000 when I move the slider on RC, but drone doesn’t fly faster. Is there a setting or something else is limiting the speed?

The hexa is 110cm with 18inch props, in Pos Hold or Stabilise flies faster than 20m/s easily.

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It is likely using the default WP navigation speed of 5m/s, which is programmed into the flight controller as a series of commands it excutes on auto flights. To change speed during a mission, use the Set Speed command as part of the mission parameters at the point where you want speed to change. It will then fly the new speed until the end of the mission, unless you have another Set Speed command in the mission to change it.

The other thing is that the WPNAV_ACCEL and ANGLE_MAX params may have to be adjusted to fit the performance characteristics of your aircraft. The default maximum acceleration in turns (spline) or at the waypoints (normal) is 1 meter per second squared, or about 0.1G. That is as fast as the aircraft will accelerate or decellerate at the waypoints or in turns. So you can have a very high mission speed, but if the waypoints are close enough together the maximum allowed acceleration never allows it to reach the target speed.

The ANGLE_MAX param can be used to limit maximum frame tilt so the aircraft doesn’t run out of power in high-G corners and lose altitude, which can happen very easily if you start pushing it.

I have flown waypoints at 30m/s with a helicopter with no problems at all. I leave the WPNAV_SPEED at the default 5m/s and set the speed with a mission command. For whatever reason, the aircraft never quite reaches the set speed. So for 30m/s, as an example, I will set to the mission command for 31m/s.

Thank you Chris. You helped a lot.

Wish you all the best.