Im running ArduRover 4.53 in boat with a Speedybee F405 Wing. Ive noticed that WP_OVERSHOOT has disappeared from the main params page and is greyed out on the basic params page. Is there a reason for this or have I missed something?

Deprecated in favor of a new position controller for auto navigation.



Thanks for your quick reply, I’ll look into it.

Uh-huh, this is probably why my previous mowing route stopped working after upgrading to 4.5.4. :slight_smile:
After changed parameters to use PSC, it’s actually turning faster and stays closer to the line. Nice work.

One thing I noticed was that I needed to set PSC_POS_P to around 1 for my mower to work properly, which should be still within the allowed range of (0.5 ~ 2), however,

  • the doc says 0.2 is the default which is out of the valid range
  • when I set it to 1, a warning dialog says it’s out of range.