Wow - high current 6S batteries are EXPENSIVE!

I’m still suffering sticker shock so thought I’d share in the pub.
I love my electric boats, rovers and planes. Love em. I don’t own a liquid fuel vehicle. Electric is just soooo much easier.
Now, I had to buy a 550 size heli (long story). So I went to buy a battery for it. 6S - that’s 2 more s’s then I’d every bought before. And 5000mAh because we want to fly for more then a minute. And reasonable C rating as heli’s suck electrons like - well as much as a welder and that melts steel together!!
Over $110 Aus! And of course I couldn’t buy just 1. Oh no - had to get 2. Whoa. I’ve got entire vehicle setups that cost less then just the batteries for the Heli!

Thanks for listening :slight_smile: