Would this be legal?

Reading about the Ardusoar addition to Arduplane, I mentioned it to a glider flyer mate. He jokingly said could I send my electric glider to the flying field about 3 miles distant and have it land there waiting for me to get there. This got me thinking.

Would it legal to set up a mission which would have the glider launched from somewhere near home, with a flight plan to fly adjacent to the road, and rtl at a rally point at the flying field. The plan would be to follow the glider in my mate’s car, keeping it in sight at all times.

Would it be legal? :slight_smile:

Line of site here in the US so I suppose if you can see it you are good. Before all the hoopla over “drones” I used to fly many one-way multirotor missions to a destination I was driving to just for fun.

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If you are asking about the U.S. of A, I think the answer is “No. This is not legal.” http://knowbeforeyoufly.org/for-recreational-users/

I don’t technically think it’s illegal as long as it’s line of sight. Part 107 (Commercial regs) even allow operation from moving vehicles so long that the area is not densely populated.


I’m in the UK, Central Scotland in a fairly rural area. The idea would be to launch just outside town, and the route would be on fairly quiet roads. Just being a bit careful after the recent fiasco at Gatwick Airport.

I don’t know the legality of stuff in the UK, but just from a safety and public image standpoint I’d be wary of this kind of thing. As long as you STAY outside of town, and don’t overfly anyone’s house or property, you should be fine, but the moment you do go over someone’s property I think there’d be cause for concern.